Oliver Wellington & James Ifan sprinting through Zakk's projections...

Oliver Wellington & James Ifan sprinting through Zakk's projections...

Hello to you, Zakk Hein. Easy one to start: What's your favourite breakfast food?

Coffee… all of the coffee.  Never become decaffeinated.  Ever.

Good, good. See, we need to know what sets a Video Designer up for the day. How did you get involved with A Good Clean Heart?

I believe it was Nicola Ireland who dropped me into a conversation about finding a way to create fun surtitling and animation for a brand new bilingual play about separation, language and re-connecting - in TOR's inaugural season.  A lot of firsts.  I came to the attention of Mared, Alun and Kate and have been making beautiful things with them ever since.

And what, would you say, have been the main challenges with working in two languages?

A distinct lack of spotting a typo...  As I’m sure the team will attest.  Bilingual surtitling, in all it’s fullness for AGCH, is another character in the show and it was incredibly important to bring that spirit of surtitling in both languages to fruition.  Mared and Alun are tireless in their mission of bringing bilingual theatre into accessibility for all.  And making it fun!  It’s timely and important.

What's your favourite flag of the world? (mine are ranked: 1. Wales 2. Macedonia 3. Cabo Verde

There are no off-white, grey or bronze flags.  This upsets me.  I’m partial to Canada - love a good maple leaf.

Is there anything stressful about your job or is it all just fun and games?

Ha!  Video design is just another world completely with a slightly disparate timeline to your standard theatre process.  Gin as relief is great.  If they created a Gin patch, I’d be ecstatic.  There is a distinct lack of sleep during tech. periods - hence the breakfast regime.  See above.

Custard or Cream?

Cream (…with orange zest and muscavado on a mince pie - it’s nearly time)

Marvel or DC comics?

Ask me a question about Comics, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Star Trek - watch it fly high over my head.  Sorry

Hefin or Jay?


Ooooh, good choice... Okay, less controversial... How would you advise any interested people to get started in your line of work?

Always be inquisitive, never say no to innovation and don’t be afraid to ask people you aspire to work with for exactly that opportunity.  These three things have taken me so far in just two years.

And what's next for Zakk Hein? Today/tomorrow/in life?

Up Next: NT on Red Barn, R+D for a show coming up in late 2017 - a beautiful projection tracking show that will be a must see tour of Wales.  And, more with Neontopia… yeah?  Great.  Cue Coffee #6.

DIOLCH ZAKK! (definitely more with Neontopia yeh yeh!)
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