Q&A with Movement Director JESS WILLIAMS

We took five minutes to fire a few questions at our AWESOME Movement Director, Jess Williams...


What's your karaoke/singstar song?

    I've never done karaoke or singstar so I don't really know(what have I been doing with my life?!) Maybe I could get away with an Amy Winehouse track...?


What is your first memory of going to the theatre? 

    Probably Panto with the school


Where's your favourite place in the world?

    I visited Hong Kong recently and loved it, there's also loads of little corners of London that I     love. But I think I'm yet to discover my most favourite place in the world. I look forward to finding it. 


If you could be another nationality what would you be and why?

    Is this a trick question? Obviously I have to say 'I'd always want to be Welsh' or something     like that, but...... If I had to choose I'd say Canadian. 

    They seem to have things pretty sorted there. I've got Prime Minister envy! 


What are your guilty pleasures? 

    Towie, Dinner Date, Millionaire Matchmaker.... The list goes on.

It's alright Jess - we're not judging. Honest. Ahem.


Who's your celebrity crush?

    Hmmm not sure, 

    Maybe Matthew McConaughey


    Alun Saunders, it's a close call. 



Summer or Winter?

    Autumn or spring?


In or Out?



Daddy or chips?


    Sorry dad, not really. 


Left or right?


    I'm right handed though. 


Would you like to share a traumatic childhood memory?

    I had a nice childhood thanks. Being a grown up is a lot harder. 


What's your best/worst experience on a London bus?

    I ended up in the middle of a kind of gang fight once on a bus. They had broken bottles,         and were also hitting each other with their belts. I curled up sort of under the seats until it stopped then walked the rest of the way home.

    Also I left my favourite hat on the number 19 bus when I was 19. 


Who's your favourite award-winning Playwright from Neath?

    Alun, are you from Neath by any chance?!

NOTE FROM PRODUCER - How the devil did THIS get in there...??


Jess trained at the London Contemporary Dance School. On graduating Jess joined ‘Transitions Dance Company’ at the Laban centre, and began working for ‘Frantic Assembly’ in 2012 as a practitioner, Co-directing the National Youth Theatre of Wales show ‘Dead, Born, Grow’ for Frantic. She has also worked with National Theatre Wales; Sherman Cymru and Dirty Protest.She also teaches movement at the Oxford School of Drama.

We're flippin' chuffed to have her on board!